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Jason Bradshaw has had a passion for adventure, history and writing for most all of his life. This led him to write his first novel “Beneath Creek Waters” which he published in 2014. He went on to write the second novel of the series “Beneath Gulf Waters” in 2021. Jason has also written numerous articles for various newsletters and publications. He is currently completing his third Novel “The Hobbyist” which will release in the fall of 2022. Jason has co-written two full action screenplays with writer/director Todd Rodgers by the titles of "Red Eye" and “Shadow Ops.” He has a great passion for travel and adventure and a general love for the outdoors. In the Summer of 2018 Jason tackled the hardest route and summited Kilimanjaro at an icy 19,341’. Jason currently resides on the south Texas coastal bend with his wife April and their children. He continues to write and explore the world with his wife. 

Jason has shipped multiple boxes of books to our wonderful men and woman of the military. He fully supports those that protect our freedom and loves to share the joy and adventure of reading with those that are away from their families while they put their lives on the line. 

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